Revel Gardens

Wedding and Event Floral. The fun way.

Creating artistic and intentional pieces for your most memorable day. Hannah will guide your floral process and make it the celebratory experience it should be.

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Revel Gardens:

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I grew up in a community of wonderful, but timid people. 

I laughed too loud. 

I danced too often.

I never stopped singing and spent too much time dreaming. 

I let the fearful tame me.

After years of struggling with who I was in the place I was, I had a REVELation. 

I asked God who I was and how I was create to thrive - how he made me to be - and I clearly heard, "revel."

Those voices from my past were hijacking my destiny.

And not long after I "just so happened" to get asked to do flowers for a wedding. Finding the bravery to be different and to walk in my destiny opened the way to my greatest adventure. 

There are no coincidences. 

P.S. Don't let them tame you.


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